Augment Anything. Track Everything.

SmartGlyph is a patented bridging technology that enables brands to connect all assets and manage one-to-one relationships dynamicallyand securely.

As product recognition software it builds a secure, virtual bridge between assets, the end user and your organisation using a smart device.

Advanced Customer Engagement

Authentication, Security, Protection

Operational Efficiency & Accountability

Why SmartGlyph?

SmartGlyph is a unique, intelligent action code that augments existing optical codes. This is an app-less bridging technology, enabling 2-way, rich media, and interactive experiences. Bar codes have become irrelevant, SmartGlyph allows for 2-way communication.

SmartGlyph complements your infrastructure without capital investment. Our platform provides full visibility and ownership of data and insights for a closed-loop ecosystem, working with your company in a transparent manner to build the future, today.

Geo Position

Define geo fences, the physical location where a code can be scanned (inclusive or exclusive) e.g. by building, town or country

Active Time

Define when a code will allow access (e.g. normal business hours) and activity outside those hours


Define who can/cannot access the code e.g. level of authority & position, VIP


Flag that certain criteria have been met in accessing the content by a user


Define what authorised devices can interact with a trigger code


Apply limits as to how many times a user can access a code. One time only through to multi access

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