About Us

Established in 2015, we are driven by an unwavering mission to deliver strategic and solution-driven results in a cost effective and time-conscious manner.

With direct access to a variety of skilled professionals as well as entrenched business partner relationships, we are able to assist our clients, not only to define their needs, but also to ensure that their optimal required solution is achieved.

Imagine a versatile project management and people enablement organisation with a unique technology and data enabling offering there to facilitate your organisation’s ever changing growth initiatives. This is Engaged. We pride ourselves by offering a strategic project management approach to ensure that a solution-driven result as anticipated is achieved in both a cost-effective and time-conscious manner regardless of the engagement. We strive to make your team part of the journey.

Company Profile

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BEE Certificate

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Our values



We act with honour and integrity, never compromising on the truth.



We value high-quality standards in all aspects of life and work. We put the utmost care into safety, education and research.



We put our hearts and minds into every aspect of our work and company, to achieve the best results possible. We have fanatical passion in all we do. Passion leads to mastery and is our internal energy.



Leadership, the courage to better shape the future through authenticity and delivering on our promises. Our executive team strives to take Engaged, its team and its clients to the next level and actively earns their respect.



Open and curious to every interaction and solution, creating a naturally dynamic environment where the ‘unthought of’ is brought to reality.



Empowering our team to build a sense of purpose, to create an environment that is conducive to shaping their future. Sharing knowledge and encouraging others to exhibit a sense of independence and freedom.



Our team members, customers and suppliers are treated with mutual respect and sensitivity. We recognise the importance of diversity, value the contribution of individuals and view them with due regard.



We are efficient and effective in our approach, giving our customers the best solutions every time and on time.

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