Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a tool, not a threat.

To maintain a competitive advantage, businesses will need to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their business one way or another, sooner rather than later. We will assist you to rewire decision making and operations to extract optimum value. Not only will this improve productivity and efficiency it will also result in cost optimisation.

Without AI

Manual, repetitive and time consuming

With AI

Automated, with a landscape for robust model development and execution

Current Organisational Processes

The problems faced by organisations can be categorised into two areas:


Firstly , the manual processes that are repetitive and time consuming. These include activities that HR professionals have to perform on a regular basis.


Secondly is the recruitment and talent acquisition process where the organisation is not able to identify the right talent.

We offer a niche Human Resources platform (called HAZIE) that uniquely enables companies to automate and synchronise their talent acquisition and hiring processes. HAZIE serves as a digital assistant enabling a seamless yet efficient application and placement process for both the company and potential employees.

We are experts in the development of enterprise level chatbots and advanced bots, customising them to meet your needs and integrating them into your business processes. We use our knowledge of technology, methodology, and passion for innovation to create a variety of chatbot solutions that improve productivity and efficiency with exceptional Return on Investments (ROI’s).

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